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So this morning I decided to leave at 6 AM, counting on the hopes of how much I can get a glimpse of the Catching Fire World Premiere tonight at Leicester Square.

I got there before 7 AM and I received a ticket noting that I was the 307th in the queue. I overheard the girl behind me talking to the security when she arrived, who later I discovered came on her own as well and spontaneously decide to go to this too. We basically waited together and got to know each other while we wait to move into the square itself.

At about noon, we were in, and we stood behind a row of girls by the barrier who have waited in total of 54 hours - 3 days. The majority of them came from Liverpool and were very kind and patient throughout the whole thing.

At 5 PM, things started to roll. Slowly, people came to the square. Not all the cast got to pass us but Jennifer Lawrence and her generosity went through every fan even though she can’t take pictures with anyone, Josh Hutcherson was very patient and took his time, Liam Hemsworth didn’t get to us, but we got to speak a bit with the director, Francis Lawrence.

So after I complimented Josh, saying that I love him since Little Manhattan, I took the opportunity to ask for a photo. But it was hard to get closer to the barrier that the frame practically fitted him and barely of me. We both got confused to where I was in the frame that he had to point out where I was.

There were Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, Willow Shields, Donald Sutherland, and Jeffrey Bright who came among the cast but we only caught glimpses.

Ellie Goulding made an appearance, as well as Andy Serkis, Jonathan Ross, and the unexpected McFly and Busted. I only got to see Dougie from McFly, with Matt and James from Busted. Which was slightly surreal since it was a tad random. I only learned today that they’re going to tour together or something. If so, the twelve year old me is screaming. Ha.

Anyway. This was an incredible day. Met new people, so much laughter to kill the time while we wait under the endless drizzle of rain.

Also. I didn’t actually have any of the books with me here that I don’t know what to get signed. So I just had a small notebook and wrote that and had Jennifer and Josh signed it. Not sure if they realise it though. Haa.

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